Naked Eyes ‎– Fuel for the Fire (1984)

Fuel for the Fire is the second of two albums by English electro/art-pop duo Naked Eyes, released in 1984 on Parlophone/EMI America.

A1. “(What) In The Name of Love” (4:27)
A2. “New Hearts” (3:39)
A3. “Sacrifice” (4:09)
A4. “Eyes of a Child” (3:36)
A5. “Once Is Enough” (4:09)
B1. “No Flowers Please” (4:03)
B2. “Answering Service” (3:45)
B3. “Me I See in You” (3:35)
B4. “Flying Solo” (4:32)
B5. “Flag of Convenience” (4:10)

Keyboards, Programmed By [Linn programming], Synthesizer [Fairlight] – Rob Fisher
Vocals – Pete Byrne

Backing Vocals – Cindy Mizelle (A1, A3), Tina B. (A1, A3), Wendall Morrison (A1, A3)
Bass – John Read (A2, A4 to B5)
Drums – Frank Valardi (A1, A3), Graham Broad (A2, A4 to B5)
Guitar – Ira Sigel (A1, A3), Tony Mansfield (A2, A4 to B5)

Engineer – Jay Burnett (A2, A4 to B5)Photography By – Gavin Cochrane
Producer – Arthur Baker (A1, A3), Tony Mansfield (A2, A4 to B5)

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