Música Urbana – Música Urbana (1976)

Música Urbana is the debut album by the namesake Spanish flamenco/jazz-rock ensemble, released in 1976 on Zeleste.

A1. “Agost” (6:54)
A2. “Violeta” (8:20)
A3. “Vacas, Toros y Toreros” (4:41)
B1. “Font” (4:47)
B2. “Caramels de Mel” (5:24)
B3. “El Vesubio Azul” (8:24)

Carles Benavent — bass guitar, contrabass, acoustic guitar, percussion, composer
Joan Albert Amargós — composer, piano, electric piano, synthesizer, Clavinet, keyboards, soprano saxophone, clarinet, flute, trombone
Salvador Font — drums, marimba, percussion, gong
Lluís Cabanach — electric guitar
Lucky Guri — piano, synthesizer
Aurora Amargós — castanets

Rafael Moll — producer

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