Museo Rosenbach ‎– Zarathustra (1973)

Zarathustra is the first and only studio album from the original formation of Italian symphonic/operatic-rock band Museo Rosenbach, released in 1973 on Dischi Ricordi.

A1. “Zarathustra
– a. L’ultimo uomo” (3:35)
– b. Il re di ieri” (4:40)
– c. Al di là del bene e del male” (2:39)
– d. Superuomo” (6:25)
– e. Il tempo delle Clessidre” (2:52)
2. “Degli uomini” (4:04)
3. “Della natura” (8:28)
4. “Dell’eterno ritorno” (6:18)

Stefano “Lupo” Galifi — vocals
Enzo Merogno — guitar, vocals
Pit Corradi — Mellotron, Hammond organ, vibraphone, Farfisa
Alberto Moreno — bass, piano, music
Giancarlo Golzi — drums, timpani, bells, vocals

Mauro La Luce — lyrics
Museo Rosenbach — arrangements, mixing
Dino Gelsomino — engineer
Angelo Vaggi — mixing
Wanda Spinello — cover art
Caesar Monti — photography

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