Moto Perpétuo ‎– Moto Perpétuo (1974)

Moto Perpétuo is the only album by the namesake Brazilian art-rock/samba supergroup, released in 1974 on Continental.

A1. “Mal o Sol” (2:48)
A2. “Conto Contigo” (2:54)
A3. “Verde Vertente” (3:16)
A4. “Matinal” (4:32)
A5. “Três e Eu” (5:18)
B1. “Não Reclamo da Chuva” (2:30)
B2. “Duas” (2:16)
B3. “Sobe” (3:17)
B4. “Seguir Viagem” (1:38)
B5. “Os Jardins” (3:00)
B6. “Turba” (5:50)

Guilherme Arantes — lead vocals, keyboards
Egidio Conde — lead guitar, vocals
Gerson Tatini — bass, vocals
Diógenes Burani — drums, percussion, vocals
Cláudio Lucci — acoustic guitar, guitar, cello, vocals

Pena Schmidt — mix engineer
Moto Perpétuo — arranger

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