Morse Code – Procréation (1976)

Procréation is the fourth album by Quebecois symphonic/art-rock band Morse Code, released in 1976 on Capitol.

A1. “Précréation” (5:09)
A2. “Qu’est-ce t’es v’nu faire ici” (4:40)
A3. “Nuage” (2:19)
A4. “L’eau tonne” (3:59)
A5. “Des hauts et des Ha! …” (4:30)
A6. “De tous les pays du monde” (3:48)
B. “Procréation: I / II / III” (26:16)*

*(:01–7:00–12:30–15:25 | 15:50–19:16–21:52–25:35)

Christian Simard — keyboards, vocals, writer
Daniel Lemay — guitar, flute, vocals, writer
Michel Vallée — bass, vocals, writer
Raymond Roy — drums, percussion, writer

Pete Tessier — producer, engineer, mix engineer

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