Monsoon ‎– Third Eye (1983)

Third Eye is the singular album by English raga/art-pop project Monsoon, released in 1983 on Mercury.

A1. “Wings of the Dawn (Prem Kavita)” (3:56)
A2. “Tomorrow Never Knows” (4:01)
A3. “Third Eye and Tikka T.V.” (2:53)
A4. “Eyes” (3:41)
A5. “Shakti (The Meaning of Within)” (4:04)
B1. “Ever So Lonely” (6:12)
B2. “You Can’t Take Me With You” (3:04)
B3. “And I You” (3:28)
B4. “Kashmir” (4:00)
B5. “Watchers of the Night” (3:47)

Sheila Chandra — vocals
Martin Smith — bass guitar, accordion, tambura, piano, sitar, tabla, ektara, backing vocals
Steve Coe — producer, celesta, swarmandal, gong, organ, cabasa, backing vocals
Clem Alford — sitar
Preston Heyman — ghatam, gamelan, timbales, gong, cowbell, tom tom, tambourine, cabasa
Dinesh — tabla
Jhalib — tabla, percussion
Bill Nelson — e-bow, electric guitar
Cliff Stapleton — hurdy gurdy
Paul James — shehnai, pipe, recorder
Hugh Jones — engineer
Dari Mankoo — sitar

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