Mona Lisa – Avant Qu’il ne Soit Trop Tard (1978)

Avant Qu’il ne Soit Trop Tard is the fourth album by French symphonic-rock band Mona Lisa, released in 1978 on Crypto. The album was later reissued on Musea with different cover art.

A1. “Avant Qu’il ne Soit Trop Tard” (3:57)
A2. “La Peste” (5:56)
A3. “Souvenirs de Maufrageurs” (7:30)
B1. “Tripot” (4:16)
B2. “Léna” (5:24)
B3. “Créature sur la Steppe” (9:44)
— a. Comme Dans un Rêve
— b. L’oppression
— c. Avec le Vent

Bass Guitar – Jean-Luc Martin
Drums, Percussion – Francis Poulet
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer – Pascal Jardon
Organ, Piano, Synthesizer, Mellotron – Jean-Paul Pierson
Vocals, Flute, Percussion – Dominique Le Guennec

Illustration, Concept By – Michel Lecoeur
Mixed By – Philippe Omnès
Realization – Jean-Claude Pognant

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