MoFoYa ‎– Send a Message (1979)

Send a Message is an album by Hawaiian jazz-pop act MoFoYa, released in 1979 on Kona Gold.

A1. “Send a Message” (3:33)
A2. “Love Just Feels Right” (3:45)
A3. “Climb the Hightest Peak” (3:46)
A4. “Magic Sands” (2:35)
A5. “It’s Heaven to Me” (3:21)
B1. “Ya Heartbreaka'” (2:47)
B2. “Transition” (3:29)
B3. “Tropical Breeze” (3:07)
B4. “Tidepools” (4:19)
B5. “MoFoYa” (2:54)

Bass Guitar, Flute, Vocals – Tim Valente
Drums, Vocals – Ronnie Atwater
Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals – Bill Montei
Guitar, Vocals – John Alden

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