Minnie Riperton ‎– Come to My Garden (1970)

Come to My Garden is the debut solo album by American soul singer Minnie Riperton, released in 1970 on GRT Records.

A1. “Les fleurs” (3:19)
A2. “Completeness” (3:36)
A3. “Come to My Garden” (3:22)
A4. “Memory Band” (4:11)
A5. “Rainy Day in Centerville” (5:25)
B1. “Close Your Eyes and Remember” (3:45)
B2. “Oh, by the Way” (3:07)
B3. “Expecting” (3:58)
B4. “Only When I’m Dreaming” (3:31)
B5. “Whenever, Wherever” (3:32)

Cleveland Eaton — rhythm section, bass
Elsa Harris — background vocals
Kitty Hayward — background vocals
Ramsey Lewis — rhythm section, piano
Minnie Riperton — vocals, background vocals
Gary Starr — engineer
Charles Stepney — conductor, producer, writer
Phil Upchurch — guitar
Maurice White — rhythm section, drums
Stu Black — engineer

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