Minnie Riperton – Adventures in Paradise (1975)

Adventures in Paradise is the third album by American soul singer Minnie Riperton, released in 1975 on Epic.

A1. “Baby, This Love I Have” (4:06)
A2. “Feelin’ That Your Feelin’s Right” (4:30)
A3. “When It Comes Down to It” (3:24)
A4. “Minnie’s Lament” (4:14)
A5. “Love and its Glory” (5:13)
B1. “Adventures in Paradise” (3:15)
B2. “Inside My Love” (4:49)
B3. “Alone in Brewster Bay” (4:26)
B4. “Simple Things” (3:41)
B5. “Don’t Let Anyone Bring You Down” (2:59)

Minnie Riperton – vocals
Larry Carlton – arrangements, conductor
Ed Brown – bass
Sid Sharp – strings
Stewart Levine – director
Dorothy Ashby – harp
Jim Gordon – drums, percussion
Rik Pekkonen – engineer
Dean Parks, Larry Carlton, Richard Rudolph – guitar
Jim Horn, Tom Scott – saxophone
Joe Sample – keyboards

Kenneth McGowan – photography
Producer – Minnie Riperton, Richard Rudolph, Stewart Levine
Recorded By – Gary Starr

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