Millie Jackson – I Got to Try It One Time (1974)

I Got to Try It One Time is the third album by American R&B/soul vocalist Millie Jackson, released in 1974 on Spring Records.

A1. “How Do You Feel the Morning After” (2:58)
A2. “I Got to Try It One Time” (3:03)
A3. “Get Your Love Right” (3:25)
A4. “Gospel Truth” (3:01)
A5. “My Love Is So Fly” (2:47)
B1. “One Night Stand” (3:20)
B2. “A Letter Full of Tears” (3:21)
B3. “I Gotta Do Something About Myself” (2:25)
B4. “Watch the One Who Brings You the News” (3:15)
B5. “In the Wash” (2:43)

Millie Jackson — vocals, writer
Raeford Gerald — producer, writer
Brad Shapiro — producer, writer
Luther Lynch — writer
Prince Phillip Mitchell — writer
Andrew Smith — writer
Bob Babbitt — writer
King Sterling — writer
Don Covay — writer
Billy Clements — writer
Perry Boyd — writer

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