Microdisney ‎– Everybody Is Fantastic (1984)

Everybody Is Fantastic is the debut album by Irish art-pop band Microdisney, released in 1984 on Rough Trade.

A1. “Idea” (2:53)
A2. “A Few Kisses” (3:16)
A3. “Escalator in the Rain” (3:36)
A4. “Dolly” (3:20)
A5. “Dreaming Drains” (2:49)
A6. “I’ll Be a Gentleman” (3:32)
A7. “Moon” (3:02)
B1. “Sun” (3:14)
B2. “Sleepless” (2:35)
B3. “Come on Over and Cry” (3:06)
B4. “This Liberal Love” (3:15)
B5. “Before Famine” (3:43)
B6. “Everybody Is Dead” (3:08)

Cathal Coughlan — vocals, keyboards
Sean O’Hagan — guitar, harmonica
Ed Flesh — bass
Tom Fenner — drums

John McKenzie — bass (A4, B6)
Terry Stannard — drums (A4, B6)
Jonathan Fell — bass (B4)
Producer – Steve Parker

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