Microdisney ‎– 39 Minutes (1988)

39 Minutes is the fourth and final album by Irish piano-pop band Microdisney, released in 1988 on Virgin.

1. “Singer’s Hampstead Home” (4:02)
2. “High & Dry” (3:03)
3. “Send Herman Home” (4:04)
4. “Ambulance for One” (3:26)
5. “Soul Boy” (5:05)
6. “Back to the Old Town” (3:14)
7. “United Colours” (3:18)
8. “Gale Force Wind” (3:58)
9. “Herr Direktor” (3:42)
10. “Bluerings” (3:55)

Vocals – Cathal Coughlan
Bass Guitar – Crazy Johnny Nancy
Drums – Tom Fenner
Guitar [Guitars], Banjo, Harmonica – Sean O’Hagan
Keyboards – James Compton

Guitar [Pedal Steel] – B.J. Cole (5)
Backing Vocals – Fabulous Golden Showers
Backing Vocals – George Chandler, Jimmy Chambers, Jimmy Helms (7)
Brass – The Kick Horns (7)
Vocals – June Miles-Kingston (10)
Composed By – Coughlan, O’Hagan
Engineer – Bill Gill
Producer – Jamie Lane

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