Michel Polnareff ‎– Polnareff’s (1971)

“polnareff’s” is the third album by French chanson/pop musician/vocalist Michel Polnareff, released in 1971 on AZ/Metronome.

A1. “Voyages” (2:52)
A2. “Né dans un ice-cream” (3:20)
A3. “Petite petite” (3:18)
A4. “Computer’s dream” (4:15)
A5. “Le désert n’est plus en Afrique” (3:01)
A6. “Nos mots d’amour” (3:13)
B1. “… Mais encore” (2:14)
B2. “Qui a tué grand’maman” (2:35)
B3. “Monsieur l’abbé” (3:32)
B4. “Hey You Woman” (5:21)
B5. “À minuit, à midi” (3:35)

Michel Polnareff — composer, conductor
Anthony King — arranger, conductor
Bill Shepherd — arranger, conductor
Barry Kingston — producer
Paul Holland — recording engineer
Peter Gallen — assistant engineer
Georges Spitzer — photography

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