Michel Polnareff ‎– Michel Polnareff (1975)

Michel Polnareff is the fifth studio album by French chanson/pop multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Michel Polnareff, released in 1975 on Atlantic. The album is the artist’s third self-titled longplayer; his first and fourth albums — from 1966 and 1974, respectively — are also eponymous.

A1. “Fame a la Mode” (4:35)
A2. “No No No No Not Now” (2:30)
A3. “Wandering Man” (3:30)
A4. “So Long Beauty” (5:08)
B1. “Come on Lady Blue” (2:27)
B2. “Rainy Day Song” (3:17)
B3. “Jesus for Tonite” (3:35)
B4. “Holding on to Smoke” (3:35)
B5. “Since I Saw You” (2:50)

Michel Polnareff — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals, backing vocals, music, arranger, producer, lyrics
Lee Ritenour — electric guitar
Andrew Gold — electric guitar, backing vocals
Steve Cropper — electric guitar
Gary Stovall — electric guitar
Fred Tackett — acoustic guitar
Donnie Dacus — acoustic guitar
David Hentschel — keyboards
Leland Sklar — bass
Reinie Press — bass
David Hungate — bass
Willie Weeks — bass
Nigel Olsson — drums
Jimmy Gordon — drums
Jim Keltner — drums
David Kemper — drums
Russ Kunkel — congas
Stan Richards — saxophone
Leah Kunkel — backing vocals
Ellen Kearney — backing vocals
Jennifer Warnes — backing vocals
Valerie Carter — backing vocals
Brooks Hunnicutt — backing vocals
Eugene Garfin — backing vocals
Lewis Furey — backing vocals
Bobby King — backing vocals
Terry Evans — backing vocals
Cliff Givings — backing vocals
Jimmie Haskell — arranger
Bill Shepherd — arranger
Michael Omartian — arranger
Fiachra Trench — arranger
Bill Schnee — producer
Bill Halverson — producer

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