Michel Colombier ‎– Wings – Générique D’Antenne 2 (1971)

Wings is a jazz-rock/big band album by French composer/conductor Michel Colombier, produced by Herb Alpert and released in 1971 on A&M.

A1. “Freedom and Fear” (5:00)
A2. “Earth” (3:27)
A3. “Thalassa” (2:30)
A4. “Doesn’t Anybody Know?” (3:17)
A5. “Pourquois Pas?” (2:46)
B1. “Morning is Come Again” (5:13)
B2. “For Those Who Cannot Hear” (3:12)
B3. “We Could be Flying” (4:10)
B4. “Emmanuel” (3:05)
B5. “All in All” (4:33)

Backing Vocals [Pop Orchestra (U.S.A.)] – Robert Zwirn, Carolyn Willis, Clydie King, Douglas Burnett Gibbs, George Bledsoe, Gerald Charles Garrett, Ginger Blake, Gwen Johnson, Jean Sewell, Jerry Whitman, John Lehman, Len Wyatt, Lewis Morford, Lisa Roberts, Lorna Maxine Willard, Lynette Robinson, Oren Waters, Rita Coolidge, Ronald Hicklin, Sentell Willis Jr., Sherlie Matthews, Thomas D. Kenny, Tyrone Scott, Venetta Fields
Bass [Fender Bass – Pop Orchestra (France)] – Francis Darizcuren
Bassoon – Jean-Pierre Laroque, Paul Hongne, Raymond Droulez
Brass [Pop Orchestra (France)] – André Paquinet, Benny Vasseur, Camille Verdier, Charles Verstraete, Christian Guizien, Fernand Verstraete, Henri Vanhaeke, Ivan Jullien, Maurice Thomas
Cello – Fernand Benedetti, Georges Raffault, Hubert Varron, Jean Huchot, Jean Lamy, Manuel Recasens, Pierre Labadie, Robert Ben, Roland Pidaus
Clarinet – Guy Arnaud, Guy Deplus, Jacques Millon, Pierre Gossez
Contrabass [String Bass] – Emmenon Barthelemy, Jacques Rollez, Jean-Pierre Logerot, Paul Amat, René Constant, Robert Andre, Willy Lockwood, Yves Chabert
Drums [Pop Orchestra (France)] – André Arpino
Flute – Marcel Dubois, Raymond Guiot, Robert Heriche, Yanet Puech
French Horn – André Carradot, Daniel Dubar, Georges Barboteu, Gilbert Coursier, Jacky Magnardi
Guitar [Pop Orchestra (France)] – Raymond Gimenes, Tony Rallo
Harp – Bernard Galais, Jean-Claude Dubois, Madeleine Pedon
Oboe – Claude Maisonneuve, Michel Descarsin, Robert Jeannoutot
Organ [Pop Orchestra (France)] – Eddie Louiss
Percussion – Guy Cipriani, Gerard Perotin, Jean Garon, Jean Schultheis, Marc Chantereau, Michel Lorin, Michel Zanlonghi, Vincent Geminiani
Percussion [Pop Orchestra (France)] – Bernard Lubat, Jean Schultheis, Marc Chantereau, Michel Lorin
Performer – Bill Medley, Herb Alpert, Lani Hall, Lani Hall, Paul Williams, Vemettya Royster
Photography By – Gilbert Nencioli, Herb Alpert, Jim McCrary
Piano – Alfred Farrugia
Saxophone [Pop Orchestra (U.S.A.)], Woodwind [Pop Orchestra (U.S.A.)] – Don Menza, Lanny Morgan, Pete Christlieb, Tom Scott
Strings [String Trio – Pop Orchestra (France)] – Jean-Charles Capon, Jean-Luc Ponty, Paul Hadjaje
Trombone – André Paquinet, Camille Verdier, Max Fouchet, Raymond Katarzynsky
Trombone [Pop Orchestra (U.S.A.)] – Benny Powell, Bob Edmondson, Dick Hyde, Don Waldrop, Ernie Tack, Kai Winding, Lew McCreary
Trumpet – André Garreau, Bernard Gabel, Fred Gerard, Pierre Thibaud, Roger Delmotte
Trumpet [Pop Orchestra (U.S.A.)] – Buddy Childers, Chuck Findley, Ollie Mitchell, Paul Hubinon
Tuba – Elie Raynaud, Gerard Peresse
Viola – Christian Dufour, Claude Naveau, Gérard Causse, Jean Mayor, Michel Varron, Paul Hadjaje, Pierre Ladhuie, Pierre Linares, René Brisset, Richard Postel, Stéphane Wiener
Violin – André Barthelemy, André Karren, Christian Gentis, Daniel Martinez, Didier Saint Aulaire, Frédéric Geyre, Georges Ales, Georges Balbon, Georges Guerin, Gilbert Brel, Hervé le Floch, Jacques Baume, Jacques Charrier, Jacques Dabat, Jacques Ghestein, Jacques Prat, Jean D’Agostino, Jean Gaunet, Jean Lelier, José Sanchez, Lionel Gali, Lucien Perotin, Léon Bronschwak, Léon Locatelli, Maurice Elkan, Maurice Garon, Michel Cron, Michel Ganot, Michel Noel, Paulette Pinchinat, Pierre Couzinier, Pierre Simon, Raymond D’Asco, René Mascort, Roger Berthier, Roger Savard, Pascal Tortelier
Woodwind [Pop Orchestra (France)] – Georges Grenu, Jacques Noureddine, Michel Portal, Pierre Gossez

Engineer [France] – Roger Roche
Engineer [USA] – Larry Levine
Producer – Herb Alpert
Liner Notes – Bob Garcia
Lyrics By – Paul Williams (A1, A4, B1 to B3, B5)
Management [Pop Orchestra (U.S.A.) Orchestra Manager] – Jules Chaikin
Cover [Packaging Concept] – Craig Braun, Inc.
Composed By, Orchestrated By, Conductor – Michel Colombier

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