Michal Urbaniak ‎– Fusion (1974)

Fusion is an album by Polish violinist Michał Urbaniak, released in 1974 on Columbia. The album was the first in a series of jazz-rock titles that he cut for the label with his vocalist wife, Urszula Dudziak.

A1. “Good Times, Bad Times” (5:13)
A2. “Bahamian Harvest” (7:14)
A3. “Impromptu” (3:25)
A4. “Seresta” (6:05)
B1. “Fusion” (2:55)
B2. “Deep Mountain” (6:32)
B3. “Bengal” (13:48 — :01–2:17–8:57–12:25–13:45)

Michał Urbaniak — violin, soprano saxophone
Urszula Dudziak — voice, effects
Adam Makowicz — keyboards
Wojciech Karolak — keyboards
Czesław Bartkowski — drums

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