Michael Mantler ‎– The Hapless Child (and Other Inscrutable Stories) (1976)

The Hapless Child (and Other Inscrutable Stories) is the third album by Austrian composer/arranger Michael Mantler, released in 1976 on ECM-subsidiary Watt.


A1. “The Sinking Spell” (5:12)
A2. “The Object-Lesson” (4:58)
A3. “The Insect God” (5:00)
B1. “The Doubtful Guest” (4:45)
B2. “The Remembered Visit” (6:25)
B3. “The Hapless Child” (6:59)

Michael Mantler — composer, engineer
Edward Gorey — lyricist, cover art, drawings
Robert Wyatt — vocals
Carla Bley — piano, Clavinet, ARP Solina string synthesizer, producer
Steve Swallow — bass guitar
Jack DeJohnette — drums, percussion
Terje Rypdal — guitar
Alfreda Benge — speaker
Albert Caulder — speaker
Nick Mason — speaker, engineer, mixing

Alan Perkins — engineer
Dennis Weinreich — engineer, mixing

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