Michael Mantler – Silence (1977)

Silence is the fourth headlining album by Austrian avant-garde composer/arranger Michael Mantler, released in 1977 on WATT Works. Like its predecessor, the album features vocals by Robert Wyatt on several tracks.

A1. “I Walk With My Girl” (9:41 — :01-5:05-9:40)
A2. “I Watch the Clouds” (9:23)
A3. “It Is Curiously Hot” (4:42)
A4. “When I Run” (2:04)
B1. “Sometimes I See People” (4:10)
B2. “Around Me Sits the Night” (4:15)
B3. “She Was Looking Down” (3:24)
B4. “For Instance” (2:55)
B5. “A Long Way” (1:51)
B6. “After My Work Each Day” (2:44)
B7. “On Good Evenings” (7:10)

Carla Bley — voice, piano, organ, producer
Robert Wyatt — percussion
Kevin Coyne — voice
Chris Spedding — guitar
Ron McClure — bass guitar, acoustic bass
Clare Maher — cello
Michael Mantler — composer, recording engineer
Alan Perkins — recording engineer
Steve Cox — recording engineer

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