Michael Mantler ‎– More Movies (1980)

More Movies is the sixth album by Austrian composer/trumpeter Michael Mantler, released in 1980 on WATT.

A1. “Movie Nine” (2:57)
A2. “The Sinking Spell” (4:16)
A3. “Movie Eleven” (4:49)
A4. “Will We Meet Tonight?” (3:18)
A5. “Movie Thirteen” (4:44)
B1. “The Doubtful Guest” (3:18)
B2. “Movie Fifteen” (4:32)
B3. “Movie Fourteen” (6:26)
B4. “Movie Ten” (2:04)
B5. “Movie Twelve” (4:12)

Michael Mantler — trumpet, composer, engineer
Carla Bley — piano, organ, producer
Gary Windo — tenor saxophone
Philip Catherine — guitar
Steve Swallow — bass guitar
D. Sharpe — drums
Tom Mark — engineer

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