Michael Henderson – Solid (1976)

Solid is the debut solo album by soul/funk bassist/vocalist Michael Henderson, released in 1976 on Buddah.

A1. “Make Me Feel Better” (3:00)
A2. “Time” (3:11)
A3. “Let Love Enter” (2:54)
A4. “Treat Me Like a Man” (4:02)
A5. “Solid” (6:34)
B1. “Be My Girl” (6:37)
B2. “You Haven’t Made It to the Top” (4:04)
B3. “Valentine Love” (3:57)
B4. “Stay With Me This Summer” (3:42)

Michael Henderson — Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Drums (A5), Bass, Production
Bruce Nazarian — Guitar, Synthesizer
Jerry Jones, Leslie Daniels — Drums
Lester Williams, Nimrod Lumpkin, Rudy Robinson — Keyboards
Ralph Armstrong — Guitar
Mark Johnson — Synthesizer
Muruga Sharma aka Muruga Booker — Percussion
Eli Fontaine, Marcus Belgrave, Norma Jean Bell — Horns
Rudy Robinson, Travis Biggs — Strings
Brandye, Rose Henderson Williams — Backing Vocals

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