Men Without Hats ‎– Rhythm of Youth (1982)

Rhythm of Youth is the debut full-length studio album by Quebecois New Wave/synthpop trio Men Without Hats, released in 1982 on Statik/MCA.

A1. “Ban the Game” (0:48)
A2. “Living in China” (3:04)*
A3. “The Great Ones Remember” (4:41)
A4. “I Got The Message” (4:44)
A5. “Cocoricci (Le Tango Des Voleurs)” (3:24)
B1. “The Safety Dance” (2:44)
B2. “Ideas for Walls” (2:59)
B3. “Things in My Life” (4:56)
B4. “I Like” (4:19)
B5. “The Great Ones Remember (Reprise)” (1:59)

*The U.S. issue replaces this track with “Antarctica,” which originally appeared on the Folk of the 80’s EP in 1980.

Ivan Doroschuk – vocals, guitars, piano, percussion, electronics
Allan McCarthy – keyboards, piano, electronics, percussion
Stefan Doroschuk – guitars, violin

Martin Cartier – percussion
Colin Doroschuk – guitars
Anne Dussault – vocals
Michel Jermone – castanets
Daniel A. Vermette – acoustic guitars
Marc Durand – production

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