Men at Work ‎– Cargo (1983)

Cargo is the second album by Australian pop/rock band Men at Work, released in 1983 on Columbia/CBS.

A1. “Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive” (4:38)
A2. “Overkill” (3:44)
A3. “Settle Down My Boy” (3:30)
A4. “Upstairs in My House” (4:02)
A5. “No Sign of Yesterday” (6:09)
B1. “It’s a Mistake” (4:33)
B2. “High Wire” (3:00)
B3. “Blue for You” (3:53)
B4. “I Like To” (4:01)
B5. “No Restrictions” (4:29)

Colin Hay — vocals, guitar, lyrics, music
Ron Strykert — guitar, vocals, cover art, lyrics, music
Jerry Speiser — drums, vocals
Greg Ham — saxophone, flute, keyboards, vocals
John Rees — bass, vocals

Peter McIan — producer, engineer
Scott Heming — assistant engineer
David Price — assistant engineer
Chip Orlando — assistant engineer
Paul Ray — additional engineer
Greg Noakes — photography

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