Mellow Candle ‎– Swaddling Songs (1972)

Swaddling Songs is the singular album by Irish folk-rock five-piece Mellow Candle, released in 1972 on Deram.

A1. “Heaven Heath” (3:00)
A2. “Sheep Season” (5:01)
A3. “Silversong” (4:26)
A4. “The Poet and the Witch” (2:51)
A5. “Messenger Birds” (3:38)
A6. “Dan the Wing” (2:45)
B1. “Reverend Sisters” (4:21)
B2. “Break Your Token” (2:27)
B3. “Buy or Beware” (3:04)
B4. “Vile Excesses” (3:14)
B5. “Lonely Man” (4:30)
B6. “Boulders on My Grave” (3:40)

Alison Williams — vocals
Clodagh Simonds — vocals, piano
David Williams — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
William Murray — percussion
Frank Boylan — bass, vocals

Derek Varnals — engineer
Kevin Fuller — engineer
David Baker — assistant engineer
David Anstey — illustration
W — mastering engineer
Suzette Stephens — photography
David Hitchcock — producer

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