Melba Moore ‎– What a Woman Needs (1981)

What a Woman Needs is the tenth studio album by American soul-funk vocalist Melba Moore, released in 1981 on EMI America.

A1. “Let’s Stand Together” (5:03)
A2. “Your Sweet Lovin’” (3:38)
A3. “What a Woman Needs” (4:21)
A4. “Take My Love” (6:30)
B1. “Overnight Sensation” (4:22)
B2. “Each Second” (5:12)
B3. “Piece of the Rock” (4:12)
B4. “Let’s Get Back to Lovin’” (3:30)

Backing Vocals – Alyson Williams, Barbara Ingram, Carla Benson, Yvette Benton, George McCrae, John Whitehead, Kashif, Lilo Thomas, Melba Moore, Robin Clark
Producer – Gene McFadden, John Whitehead

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