Melba Moore ‎– Never Say Never (1983)

Never Say Never is the twelfth studio album by American soul-funk vocalist Melba Moore, released in 1983 on Capitol.

A1. “Love Me Right” (4:09)
A2. “Keepin’ My Lover Satisfied” (5:12)
A3. “Got to Have Your Love” (5:09)
A4. “Livin’ for Your Love” (4:50)
B1. “It’s Really Love” (4:36)
B2. “Never Say Never” (4:41)
B3. “Lovin’ Touch” (4:47)
B4. “Lean On Me” (5:04)

Backing Vocals – B.J. Nelson (tracks: A1 to A4, B1), Berlyn Watkins (tracks: B4), Brenda White (tracks: B2, B3), Dwayne Grayman (tracks: A1 to A3), Freddie Jackson (tracks: A4, B1), Greater Works Community Choir (tracks: B4), Kashif (tracks: A4, B1), Krystal Davis (tracks: B2, B3), LaForrest Cope (tracks: A1 to A4, B1), LaVerne Blair (tracks: B4), Lillo Thomas (tracks: A1 to A4, B1), Lucious Floyd (tracks: B2, B3), Melba Moore (tracks: A1 to A4, B1), Melisa Morgan (tracks: A4, B1), Pat Thompson (tracks: B4), Phil Ballou (tracks: B2, B3), Scott A. White III (tracks: B4), Tony Harrington (tracks: B4)
Bass – Wayne Brathwaite
Design – John O’Brien
Drums – Cecil Powell, Leslie Ming, Omar Hakiem, Yogi Horton
Executive-Producer – Beau Huggins
Guitar – Ira Siegal, Ronnie Drayton, Steve Williams
Keyboards – John Anderson
Keyboards, Guitar – Rahni Harris, Jr
Keyboards, Synthesizer [Programming & Synclavier Ii] – Kashif
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Drum Machine [Programming] – Paul Lawrence Jones III
Percussion – Basheri Johnson, Carol M. Steele, Victor Y. See Yuen
Saxophone – Lou Cortelezzi, Otha Stokes
Strings – Paul Woodiels

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