McCoy Tyner ‎– Fly With the Wind (1976)

Fly With the Wind is an album by American jazz pianist McCoy Tyner, released in 1976 on Milestone. Augmenting his post-bop quartet for these sessions is a 14-piece orchestra conducted by arranger/co-producer William Fischer.

The title-track leads with a chamber into of violin, cello, oboe, and flute in Cm. During the first minute, the tone evolves from mournful to optimistic before harp strings usher an upbeat, string-laden ensemble passage. From here, the mood careens into sheer exhilaration, despite maintaining a tonal bedrock of Cm. The rhythm section of bassist Ron Carter and drummer Billy Cobham form a frontline assault with Tyner while strings weave the main theme around a four-chord sequence.

“Salvadore de Samba” is heralded by a crisp piano figure that darts across four tonics, starting in B. Rattling percussion beacons the full ensemblic breakout, replete with windy, cumulus strings befitting the album’s cover art. Two minutes in, Hubert Laws takes a flute solo amidst the high-speed flurry. Tyner wrestles the band to the ground with dazzling filigree during the 4:20–6:00 marks. Carter gets a 90-second spotlight at 8:20, anchored by Cobham’s rapidfire snare/tom rolls. The windy ride recapitulates at 10:00 before dissolving into harp-laden mist.

A1. “Fly With the Wind” (8:27)
A2. “Salvadore de Samba” (12:12)
B1. “Beyond the Sun” (5:31)
B2. “You Stepped Out of a Dream” (6:42)
B3. “Rolem” (5:42)

McCoy Tyner — piano, arranger, composer
Ron Carter — acoustic bass
Billy Cobham — drums
Hubert Laws — alto flute, flute
Paul Renzi — piccolo, flute
Raymond Dusté — oboe
Linda Wood — harp
Stuart Canin — violin
Peter Schafer — violin
Daniel Kobialko — violin
Edmund Weingart — violin
Frank Foster — violin
Selwart Clarke — viola
Kermit Moore — cello
Daniel Yale — viola
Sally Kell — cello
Mark Volkert — violin
Myra Bucky — violin
Guilherme Franco — tambourine

Orrin Keepnews — producer
William Fischer — conductor, associate producer

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