Mayfly – Mayfly (1973)

Mayfly is an album by the namesake Dutch art-pop/folk combo, released in 1973 on Ariola.

A1. “From Now On” (4:38)
A2. “Symptoms of Summer” (3:46)
A3. “Dawn of an Old Man” (3:06)
A4. “The Smell of It” (3:02)
A5. “Lemoncake” (4:06)
B1. “The Stable” (3:03)
B2. “Intermezzo” (1:05)
B3. “Secondhand Dream” (3:30)
B4. “Blue Sofa” (2:54)
B5. “She Leaveth Me” (3:02)
B6. “Topless Bertha” (3:22)

Bass Guitar – Huub Nijhuis
Flute, Saxophone – Rinus Groeneveld
Guitar – Gustaaf Verburg, Onno Verburg
Violin, Electric Piano – Arie de Geus
Vocals – Maarten Min

Producer – Martin Duiser
Cover Design – Jaap Hos

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