Maxophone ‎– Maxophone (1975)

Maxophone is the first and only album by Italian symphonic-rock band Maxophone, released in 1975 on Produttori Associati.

A1. “C’è un paese al mondo” (6:40)
A2. “Fase” (7:05)
A3. “Al mancato compleanno di una farfalla” (5:52)
B1. “Elzeviro” (6:47)
B2. “Mercanti di pazzie” (5:21)
B3. “Antiche conclusioni negre” (8:55)

1977 shortplayer (added to CD reissues):
7. “Il fischio del vapore” (4:52)
8. “Cono di gelato” (4:39)

Sergio Lattuada — keyboards, voice, songwriter
Roberto Giuliani — electric guitar, piano, voice, songwriter
Leonardo Schiavone — clarinet, flute, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Maurizio Blanchini — horn, trumpet, vibraphone, percussion, voice
Alberto Ravasini — bass, acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Sandro Lorenzetti — drums
Tiziana Botticini — harp
Eleonora de Rossei — violin
Susanna Pedrazzini — violin
Giovanna Correnti — cello
Paolo Rizzi — contrabass

Cesare Monti — cover art, photography
Wanda Monti — cover art, photography
Sandro Colombini — producer

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