Max Webster ‎– Max Webster (1976)

Max Webster is the debut album by the namesake Canadian hard-rock/art-rock band, released in 1976 on Anthem.

A1. “Hangover” (4:36)
A2. “Here Among the Cats” (3:07)
A3. “Blowing the Blues Away” (3:33)
A4. “Summer Turning Blue” (3:05)
A5. “Toronto Tontos” (3:40)
B1. “Coming Off the Moon” (3:38)
B2. “Only Your Nose Knows” (4:16)
B3. “Summer’s Up” (2:45)
B4. “Lily” (7:42)

Kim Mitchell – guitars and lead vocals
Paul Kersey – drums and percussion
Mike Tilka – bass and vocals
Terry Watkinson – keyboards and vocals

Produced by Max Webster and Terry Brown

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