Matia Bazar ‎– Tango (1983)

Tango is the seventh album by Italian electro/art-pop band Matia Bazar, released in 1983 on Ariston/WEA.

A1. “Vacanze romane” (4:12)
A2. “Palestina” (4:16)
A3. “Elettrochoc” (4:46)
A4. “Intellighenzia” (4:44)
B1. “Il video sono io” (3:45)
B2. “Scacco un po’ matto” (5:16)
B3. “Tango nel fango” (3:27)
B4. “I bambini di poi” (5:11)

Antonella Ruggiero — vocals, drum machine, songwriting
Carlo Marrale — electric guitar, backing vocals, songwriting
Mauro Sabbione — keyboards, backing vocals, songwriting
Aldo Stellita — bass, songwriting
Giancarlo Golzi — drums, songwriting

Roberto Colombo — producer, mixing
Maurizio Salvatori — executive producer
Franco Santamaria — recording engineer, mixing
Gianmarco “Jerry” Pecoroni — engineer
Daniele Delfitto — mastering engineer
Enzo Jannacci — vocals (A3)

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