Martin Briley ‎– Fear of the Unknown (1981)

Fear of the Unknown is the debut solo album by English pop-rock musician/songwriter Martin Briley, released in 1981 on Mercury.

A1. “Slipping Away” (3:22)
A2. “The Man I Feel” (4:02)
A3. “I Feel Like a Milkshake” (3:53)
A4. “First to Know” (3:06)
A5. “Heart of Life” (5:00)
B1. “A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing” (3:12)
B2. “I Don’t Feel Better” (3:12)
B3. “More of the Same” (2:56)
B4. “One Step Behind” (5:49)
B5. “Fear of the Unknown” (3:57)

Martin Briley — lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, percussion
Robert Brissette — bass, backing vocals
Graham Preskett — piano, violin
Tommy Mandel — synthesizers
Eric Parker — drums
Eric Troyer — backing vocals

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