Marshall Crenshaw ‎– Marshall Crenshaw (1982)

Marshall Crenshaw is the debut album by the namesake American guitarist/songwriter, released in 1982 on Warner Bros.

A1. “There She Goes Again” (2:37)
A2. “Someday, Someway” (2:49)
A3. “Girls…” (3:01)
A4. “I’ll Do Anything” (3:00)
A5. “Rockin’ Around in N.Y.C.” (3:07)
A6. “The Usual Thing” (3:02)
B1. “She Can’t Dance” (2:45)
B2. “Cynical Girl” (2:35)
B3. “Mary Anne” (2:52)
B4. “Soldier of Love” (2:36)
B5. “Not for Me” (2:34)
B6. “Brand New Lover” (2:30)

Marshall Crenshaw — guitar, vocals, producer
Chris Donato — bass, vocals
Robert Crenshaw — drums, vocals

Richard Gottehrer — producer
Thom Panunzio — engineer
Jim Ball — assistant engineer
Greg Calbi — mastering
Gary Green — photography
Spencer Drate — art direction, design

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