Marcos Valle – Marcos Valle (1974)

Marcos Valle is the eleventh proper album by Brazilian musician/songwriter Marcos Valle, released in 1974 on Odeon. The album is not to be confused with his seventh album, also self-titled, from 1970.

A1. “No rumo do sol” (2:34)
A2. “Meu herói” (2:38)
A3. “Só se morre uma vez” (2:34)
A4. “Casamento, filhos e convenções” (2:26)
A5. “Remédio p’ro coração” (2:32)
A6. “Brasil x México” (1:43)
B1. “Tango” (3:04)
B2. “Nossa vida começa na gente” (3:00)
B3. “Novelo de lã” (2:07)
B4. “Cobaia” (3:12)
B5. “Charlie bravo” (4:49)

Marcos Valle — piano, synthesizer, backing vocals, arrangements
Tavito — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar, backing vocals, arrangements, assistant producer
Milton Miranda — assistant producer
Z. J. Merky — engineer
Nivaldo Duarte — mixing engineer
Lindolpho Gaya — musical director
Zé Roberto — organ, Clavinet, synthesizer, electric piano, arrangements
Wagner Tiso — organ
Ubirajara Silva — bandoneon
Helinho Delmiro — guitar
Alexandre — bass
Luizão — bass
Robertinho — drums
Ariovaldo — percussion
Paraná — percussion
Paulinho — guitar, acoustic guitar
Marcio Lott — backing vocals
Malu — vocals, backing vocals
Claudia Telles — backing vocals
Marizinha — backing vocals
Regininha — backing vocals
Renato Corrêa — backing vocals
Ronaldo Corrêa — backing vocals
Laercio de Freitas — arrangements
Eduardo Souto Neto — arrangements

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