Marc and the Mambas ‎– Torment and Toreros (1983)

Torment and Toreros is a double album by English cabaret/art-pop project Marc and the Mambas, produced by frontman Marc Almond and released in 1983 on Some Bizzare.

A1. “Intro” (3:17)
A2. “Boss Cat” (4:17)
A3. “The Bulls” (2:18)
A4. “Catch a Fallen Star” (5:12)
A5. “The Animal in You” (7:29)
B1. “In My Room” (3:01)
B2. “First Time” (3:37)
B3. “(Your Love Is a) Lesion” (5:38)
B4. “My Former Self” (2:45)
B5. “Once Was” (5:17)
C1. “The Untouchable One” (6:03)
C2. “Blood Wedding” (1:51)
C3. “Black Heart” (4:50)
C4. “Medley: Narcissus / Gloomy Sunday / Vision” (11:46)
D1. “Torment” (4:21)
D2. “A Million Manias” (5:52)
D3. “My Little Book of Sorrows” (5:59)
D4. “Beat Out That Rhythm on a Drum” (5:07)

Marc Almond — vocals, percussion, timpani, guitar, producer, mixing
Annie Hogan — piano, harpsichord, vocals, Farfisa
Steve Sherlock — saxophone, flute
Lee Jenkinson — guitar, bass, vocals, drums
The Venomettes — string arrangements
Gini Hewes — violin
Anne Stephenson — violin
Martin McCarrick — cello
Bill McGee — double bass
Matt Johnson — guitar
Flood — producer, mixing
Clive Martin — assistant
Peter Ashworth — timpani
Frank Want — drums
Jim Foetus & The Transvestites From Hell — all instruments

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