Marc Almond with the Willing Sinners ‎– Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters (1987)

Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters is the third full-length solo album by English art-pop vocalist/arranger Marc Almond, recorded with his makeshift studio ensemble the Willing Sinners. The album was released in 1987 on Virgin.

1. “Mother Fist” (4:29)
2. “There Is a Bed” (4:50)
3. “Saint Judy” (5:53)
4. “The Room Below” (3:30)
5. “Angel in Her Kiss” (3:42)
6. “The Hustler” (3:15)
7. “Melancholy Rose” (3:10)
8. “Mr. Sad” (3:49)
9. “The Sea Says” (4:03)
10. “Champ” (4:23)
11. “Ruby Red” (3:41)
12. “The River” (5:19)

Marc Almond — vocals, producer, arranger
Annie Hogan — arranger, piano, marimba, pump organ
Martin McCarrick — string arrangements, cello, accordion, yang t’chin, keyboard
Billy McGee — double bass, electric bass
Richard Riley — acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Steven Humphreys — drums, percussion
Nigel Eaton — hurdy gurdy
Peter Thoms — trombone
Enrico Tomasso — trumpet
Audrey Riley — vocals
Jane West — vocals

Mike Hedges — engineer
Charlie Gray — engineer
Matthew Casswell — engineer
Haydn Bendall — engineer
Ian Grimble — engineer

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