Manilla Road ‎– The Deluge (1986)

The Deluge is the fifth studio album by Wichita metal trio Manilla Road, released in 1986 on Black Dragon Records.

A1. “Dementia” (3:10)
A2. “Shadow in the Black” (5:23)
A3. “Divine Victim” (3:08)
A4. “Hammer of the Witches” (2:41)
A5. “Morbid Tabernacle” (1:55)
A6. “Isle of the Dead” (2:52)
B1. “Taken by Storm” (3:20)
B2. “The Deluge” (8:18)
— i. Eye of the Sea
— ii. The Drowned Lands
— iii. Engulfed Cathedral
B3. “Friction in Mass” (6:29)
B4. “Rest in Pieces” (1:47)

Randy (Thrasher) Foxe — drums, percussion, synthesizer, backing vocals
Scott Park — bass
Mark W. Shelton — guitar, 12 string guitar, lead vocals

Larry Funk — engineer
Max Merhoff — engineer, producer
Rick Fisher — producer
Jay Merhoff — producer
Sherry Avett — producer
Manilla Road — producer
Eric Larnoy — artwork

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