Manfred Schoof Orchester – Reflections (1984)

Reflections is an album by German jazz-rock big band the Manfred Schoof Orchester, released in 1984 on Mood Records.

A1. “Unisonlines” (5:33)
A2. “Reflections” (7:30)
A3. “Old Ballad” (13:00)
B1. “Waltz in the Sun” (8:33)
B2. “Source” (6:54)
B3. “Horizons” (9:40)

Bass – Eberhard Weber, Siggi Busch
Cymbal [Cymbals], Drums – Jo Thönes
Guitar – Stephan Diez, Stephan Diez
Piano, Mixed By – Wolfgang Dauner
Piano, Synthesizer – Rainer Brüninghaus
Saxophone – Gerd Dudek, Gerhard Veeck, Hugo Read, Joachim Ullrich, Michael Pilz
Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff, Bernd Lechtenfeld, Hermann Breuer, Joachim Fink, Jon English
Trumpet – Jon Eardly, Martin Drover, Rainer Winterschladen, Uli Beckerhoff
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Composed By, Arranged By, Mixed By – Manfred Schoof
Vibraphone – Tom van der Geld

Cover, Design – Frieder Grindler
Photography By – Otto Sill, Ralph Quinke
Recorded By – Christoph Wertz
Recorded By, Mixed By – Gibbs Platen

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