Manfred Schoof ‎– European Echoes (1969)

European Echoes is an album by German free-jazz trumpeter Manfred Schoof, released in 1969 on FMP.

A. “European Echoes – Part 1” (15:24)
B. “European Echoes – Part 2” (15:26)

Derek Bailey — guitar
Han Bennink — drums
Pierre Favre — drums
Peter Brötzmann — tenor saxophone
Gerd Dudek — tenor saxophone
Evan Parker — saxophone
Arjen Gorter — bass
Peter Kowald — bass
Buschi Niebergall — bass
Paul Rutherford — trombone
Enrico Rava — trumpet
Manfred Schoof — trumpet, composer
Hugh Steinmetz — trumpet
Irène Schweitzer — piano
Fred Van Hove — piano
Alexander von Schlippenbach — piano

Jost Gebers — producer

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