Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Solar Fire (1973)

Solar Fire is the fourth album by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, released in November 1973 on Bronze/Polydor.

A1. “Father of Day, Father of Night” (9:55)
A2. “In the Beginning, Darkness” (5:21)
A3. “Pluto the Dog” (2:47)
B1. “Solar Fire” (5:15)
B2. “Saturn, Lord of the Ring; Mercury the Winged Messenger” (6:31)
B3. “Earth, the Circle Part 2” (3:22)
B4. “Earth, the Circle Part 1” (3:55)

Manfred Mann — organ, synthesizer, vocals
Mick Rogers — vocals, guitar
Colin Pattenden — bass guitar
Chris Slade — drums

Manfred Mann and Earth Band — producer
John Pantry — engineer
Doreen Chanter — backing vocals
Irene Chanter — backing vocals
Grove Singers — backing vocals
Paul Rutherford — trombone
Peter Miles — percussion

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