Manfred Mann’s Earth Band ‎– Angel Station (1979)

Angel Station is the ninth studio album by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, released in 1979 on Bronze and Warner Bros.

A1. “Don’t Kill It Carol” (6:15)
A2. “You Angel You” (4:00)
A3. “Hollywood Town” (5:10)
A4. “Belle of the Earth” (2:45)
A5. “Platform End” (1:35)
B1. “Angels at My Gate” (4:50)
B2. “You Are – I Am” (5:10)
B3. “Waiting for the Rain” (6:15)
B4. “Resurrection” (2:45)

Geoff Britton — drums, alto saxophone
Pat King — bass, photography
Manfred Mann — keyboard, arrangements, executive producer, sleeve notes
Steve Waller — guitar
Jimme O’Neill — rhythm guitar
Anthony Moore — guitar, sequencer, synthesiser, producer

Rik Walton — engineer
Davie Phee — tape operator
Edwin Cross — tape operator
John Shaw — photography
Martin Poole — art direction

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