Manfred Mann – Mighty Garvey! (1968)

Mighty Garvey! is the final studio album English band Manfred Mann, released in 1968 on Fontana.

A1. “Happy Families” (2:18)
A2. “No Better, No Worse” (3:02)
A3. “Every Day Another Hair Turns Grey” (2:54)
A4. “Country Dancing” (2:53)
A5. “It’s So Easy Falling” (3:20)
A6. “Happy Families” (2:09)
A7. “Mighty Quinn” (2:52)
B1. “Big Betty” (3:06)
B2. “The Vicar’s Daughter” (2:18)
B3. “Each and Every Day” (2:47)
B4. “Cubist Town” (3:21)
B5. “Ha! Ha! Said the Clown” (2:27)
B6. “Harry the One-Man Band” (3:11)
B7. “Happy Families” (2:16)

Session extras:
Too Many People
My Name is Jack
There is a Man

Manfred Mann – keyboards, backing vocals
Tom McGuinness – guitar, backing vocals
Mike d’Abo – lead vocals
Mike Hugg – drums and percussion
Klaus Voormann – bass, woodwind, backing vocals
Derek Wadsworth – trombone on “Each And Every Day”

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