Mandy Morton and Spriguns ‎– Magic Lady (1978)

Magic Lady is the fifth album by English folk-rockers Spriguns, released in 1978 on Banshee. The nameplate is affixed on this release to highlight frontwoman Mandy Morton, who would subsequently record as a solo artist.

A1. “Magic Lady” (2:28)
A2. “Music Prince” (3:18)
A3. “According to Mathew” (3:26)
A4. “Little Inbetween” (1:35)
A5. “Goodbye the Day” (4:23)
A6. “Silence Do the Rest” (2:58)
B1. “The Lady” (3:08)
B2. “White Ship” (2:42)
B3. “Witchfinder” (3:36)
B4. “Gypsy Glass” (3:48)
B5. “Ghost of a Song” (2:55)
B6. “Magic Lady Reprise

Reissue bonus track:
“Winter Storms” (2:57)

Backing Vocals – Gaynor Roberts (A2)
Bass Guitar, Vocals – Mike Morton
Concertina, Cello – Gordon Folkard
Drums, Percussion – Alex Cooper
Dulcimer, Vocals – Tim Hart
Electric Guitar – Graeme Taylor
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Byron Giles
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Mandy Morton
Viola – Sarah Folkard
Violin [Electric, Acoustic], Harpsichord – Tom Ling

Design [Sleeve Concept] – Marigold
Photography – Brian Barber
Producer – Mandy Morton
Producer, Engineer – Mike Kemp

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