Man – Welsh-Connection (1976)

Welsh-Connection is the eighth studio album by Welsh rockers Man. Released in 1976, the album would be the band’s last before their initial split.

A1. “Ride and the View” (5:01)
A2. “Out of Your Head” (4:04)
A3. “Love Can Find a Way” (5:13)
A4. “The Welsh Connection” (7:18)
B1. “Something Is Happening” (6:21)
B2. “Cartoon” (6:01)
B3. “Born With a Future” (7:07)

Micky Jones — guitar, vocals
Deke Leonard — guitar, vocals
Phil Ryan — keyboards, vocals
Terry Williams — drums, vocals
John McKenzie — bass, vocals

Man — producer
Pete Brown — talking drums
Caromay Dixon — vocal
Jeffrey Hooper — vocal
Anton Matthews — vocal

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