Man ‎– Rhinos, Winos, and Lunatics (1974)

Rhinos, Winos, and Lunatics is the sixth studio album by Welsh jam-rockers Man, released in 1974 on United Artists.

A1. “Taking the Easy Way Out Again” (4:15)
A2. “The Thunder and the Lightning Kid” (5:10)
A3. “California Silks and Satins” (4:35)
A4. “Four Day Louise” (5:55)
B1. “Intro” (0:45)
B2. “Kerosene” (6:35)
B3. “Scotch Corner” (9:05)
B4. “Exit” (1:00)

Micky Jones — guitar, vocals
Deke Leonard — guitar, vocals
Malcolm Morley — guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ken Whaley — bass
Terry Williams — vocals

Roy Thomas Baker — producer
Peter Kelsey — engineer
Martin Levan — engineer

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