Mahavishnu Orchestra with the London Symphony Orchestra ‎– Apocalypse (1974)

Apocalypse is the third studio album by multinational jazz-rock ensemble the Mahavishnu Orchestra, produced by George Martin and released in 1974 on Columbia Records.

A1. “Power of Love” (4:36)
A2. “Vision Is a Naked Sword” (14:16)
A3. “Smile of the Beyond” (7:56)
B1. “Wings of Karma” (6:12)
B2. “Hymn to Him” (19:23)

Jean-Luc Ponty — electric violin, baritone violin
Joseph D’Anna — manager, instrument technician
Geoffrey Emerick — engineer
Gayle Moran — keyboards, vocals
Michael Tilson Thomas —
conductor, piano
Michael Gibbs — orchestration
Marsha Westbrook — viola
George Martin — producer
Carol Shive — violin, vocals
Philip Hirschi — cello, vocals
Mahavishnu — guitar, vocals, writer
Michael Walden — drums, percussion, vocals
Gregory DiGiovine — instrument technician
Ralphe Armstrong — bass, bass guitar, vocals
Hugh Beau — leader

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