Magnum ‎– Magnum II (1979)

Magnum II is the second album by Brummie hard rockers Magnum, released in 1979 on Jet Records.

A1. “Great Adventure” (4:49)
A2. “Changes” (3:13)
A3. “The Battle” (2:06)
A4. “If I Could Live Forever” (3:59)
A5. “Reborn” (5:40)
B1. “So Cold the Night” (3:55)
B2. “Foolish Heart” (3:07)
B3. “Stayin’ Alive” (3:18)
B4. “Firebird” (4:45)
B5. “All of My Life” (4:40)

Bob Catley — vocals
Tony Clarkin — guitar
Colin “Wally” Lowe — bass
Richard Bailey — keyboards, flute
Kex Gorin — drums

Leo Lyons — producer
Rafe Mc Kenna — engineer

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