Magna Carta ‎– Seasons (1970)

Seasons is the second album by English folk-rock trio Magna Carta, released in 1970 on Vertigo.

A. “Seasons” (22:18)
— Prologue
— Winter Song
— Spring Poem
— Spring Song
— Summer Poem
— Summer Song
— Autumn Poem
— Autumn Song
— Epilogue
— Winter Song (Reprise)
B1. “Goin’ My Way (Road Song)” (2:56)
B2. “Elizabethan” (2:38)
B3. “Give Me No Goodbye” (3:10)
B4. “Ring of Stones” (3:49)
B5. “Scarecrow” (2:19)
B6. “Airport Song” (3:42)

Chris Simpson — guitar, vocals, songwriter
Lyell Tranter — arrangements, classical guitar
Glen Stuart — vocal arrangements, harmonies, spoken word

Barry Morgan — drums
Tony Carr — drums
Tony Visconti — recorder, arranger, conductor
Spike Heatley — string bass
Rick Wakeman — organ, piano
Tim Renwick — recorder
Davy Johnstone — guitar, sitar
Peter Willison — cello
Derek Grossmith — flute
Gus Dudgeon — producer
Linda Glover — sleeve design

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