Magma ‎– Magma (1970)

Magma is the debut album by the namesake avant-garde/chamber-rock ensemble, released in 1970 on Philips.

Le voyage
A1. “Kobaia” (10:15)
A2. “Aïna” (6:15)
A3. “Malaria” (4:20)
B1. “Sohïa” (7:35)
B2. “Sckxyss” (3:47)
B3. “Auraë” (10:55)
La découverte de Kobaia
C1. “Thaud Zaia” (7:00)
C2. “Naü Ektila” (12:55)
D1. “Stoah” (8:05)
D2. “Mûh” (11:13)

Christian Vander — drums, vocals, composer
Claude Engel — guitar, flute, vocals, composer
Francis Moze — electric bass, contrabass
Teddy Lasry — soprano saxophone, flute, winds, composer
Richard Raux — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Alain Charlery “Paco” — trumpet, percussion
Klaus Blasquiz — vocals
Laurent Thibault — producer, composer
Lee Hallyday — manager
Roger Roche — recording engineer
Claude Martenot — recording engineer
Marcel Engel — assistant engineer
M.J. Petit — layout
François Cahen — piano

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