Magma – Köhntarkösz (1974)

Köhntarkösz is the fourth album by French Zeuhl ensemble Magma, released in 1974 on A&M.

A1. “Köhntarkösz Part One” (15:24)
A2. “Ork Alarm” (5:27)
B1. “Köhntarkösz Part Two” (15:59)
B2. “Coltrane Sündïa” (4:11)

Christian Vander — drums, vocals, piano, percussion
Jannick Top — bass, cello, vocals, piano
Klaus Blasquiz — vocals, percussion
Gérard Bikialo — pianos, organ
Michel Graillier — pianos, Clavinet
Stella Vander — vocals
Brian Godding — guitar

Louis “Loulou” Sarkissian — manager
Giorgio Gomelsky — producer
Simon Heyworth — recording engineer

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